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Luci Morris

Domestic Worker Organizer (Volunteer)

Luci Morris

Note: We are grateful for Luci's commitment to social justice and ongoing volunteer efforts

Luci Morris has worked as Nanny for over 10 years. She served on the board of the National Domestic Workers Alliance  from spring 2012 to spring 2014  as BIC domestic worker representative.  As a domestic worker's leader, Luci made visits to many churches and helped bring information to domestic workers about their new rights they were about to gain!  She explains that: “Being a domestic worker is a very hard job that requires many responsibilities such as love and dedication. Most of the time, we are exploited and treated very poorly. Sometimes, we are forced to be humiliated by doing certain kinds of work that were not in our agreement. However, we accept the humiliation because we cannot afford to lose our jobs. Today, we are known as domestic workers that have rights just like other professions. We are no longer invisible. This is marvelous and this is an unforgettable conquest. I want to thank Natalicia for fighting for domestic worker rights, as together we fought until the end.”  Luci is committed to work with BIC to inform all workers and employers in our community about their new domestic workers' bill of rights law.

updated: 3 months ago