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Brazilian Workers Magazine Year 1, Issue 1

Brazilian Workers Magazine Year 1 Issue 1


Prior to the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights being in force in parts of the United States, domestic workers were really undervalued. There is a large number of people who are dependent on domestic workers’ service: surveys show that there is a high demand for people to take care of children, the elderly and the disabled. Currently, every day in the U.S. more than two million domestic workers are needed in homes, so that professionals such as doctors, teachers, and dentists, among others, can go to work.

The main difference today is that: before labor laws were limited in that only a few applied to female domestic workers. Now, the laws apply to all domestic workers and make it very clear that those workers have rights. The growing importance of domestic workers made it easier to appeal for their rights, as today they are more respected. Earlier, for example, laws against discrimination and harassment excluded domestic workers explicitly, and when they had a case, it was necessary to hire a private attorney to assist them. Now, workers can go straight to the of ce of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and le a complaint.

updated: 1 year ago